What are the Benefits of a Small Wedding?

the benefits of a small wedding, Bellevue Cafe

Intimate, boutique weddings have been trending long before the arrival of the global pandemic, but due to their practicality where social distancing is concerned, together with the fact that social gatherings of no more than 50 people are enforced by law, they are now very much encouraged. With the impact that the pandemic has had on our global economy, we predict that small weddings will be the norm for many years to come, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to the benefits of a small wedding the list is countless. Here are the 3 top benefits, and we’re only just scratching the surface. 

the benefits of a small wedding
Image courtesy of: Matthew & Vivienne Bedford 
  1. Bride on a budget? Smaller weddings are more affordable.   

When Jennifer Lopez sang “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” she clearly had never planned a wedding before. There is just no way around it – traditional weddings are extremely expensive. The average South African wedding, with a standard guest list of 120 people, costs a minimum of R150 000. That’s roughly R1250 you are spending per guest. Having a small wedding of 50 guests could reduce your costs by up to a third. This means you’ll be able to spend more on your dream honeymoon or have extra money to put towards an investment or nest egg together. Starting your marriage on a clean slate, debt-free is the best gift you could give each other and will help set you up for a solid financial future.  

Image courtesy of Matthew & Vivienne Bedford
  1. Smaller weddings make guests feel special and included. 

Trimming your guest list down to strictly close friends and family means you’ll only have your nearest and dearest with you on your special day. You wouldn’t invite your work colleagues and estranged aunt to your birthday dinner and foot the bill, so why should a wedding be any different? You are celebrating the intimate love you have found in your partner – this is a special occasion and it should be shared with your loved ones and the people who are closest to you as a couple. A smaller guest list means you’ll remember each and every guest who was there on your special day, and that you’ll have enough time to get around to chatting to all of them and thanking them personally for attending. Smaller weddings make guests feel special and included. 

Image: Unsplash.com 
  1. You’ll get to plan your dream wedding.  

The icing on the cake, in view of the benefits of a small wedding, is that you can pay more attention to the details – cue in string quartet, a flock of white doves and serving your guests frozen margaritas from an ice sculpture. We’re only kidding, but you get the picture. So many great ideas that brides have for their special day are not possible due to budget constraints. A smaller wedding means you’ll have more time and extra budget to spend on those luxury features you’ve always dreamed of having. Perhaps it’s that your favourite band come and perform live as you do your first dance, that an incredible celebrity photographer is flown in from Cape Town, or you simply want to spoil your bridal party with a spa weekend away before the big day. These things are more possible when you are planning an intimate celebration. 

Image courtesy of Matthew & Vivienne Bedford 

If you’re looking for a beautiful venue that specialises in boutique weddings and events, Bellevue Café is a quaint, cosy, and sophisticated space that will make you and your guests feel like you’re getting married in your bespoke backyard. Although they are not a wedding venue by design, they have the experience and expertise to provide the perfect atmosphere, service and quality that you’d expect from any high-end wedding venue. When you get married at Bellevue, you can be assured that they will go out of their way to make you and your guests feel special, and to help you plan your big day exactly as you dreamed it would be – unique and memorable

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